Thursday, March 3, 2011

Where it's all going...

Hello friends and family...

I have been trying to keep up with two blogs for the last few years and I will tell you this- it is HARD!  Now we have the quick and super amazing facebook, twitter, linkedin, etc... to keep up with too.  Whew!

I wanted to put a little post up here to let you know that I will be keeping this blog- it's my baby and I have had it for so many years I just can't part with it!


Primary content about life and happenings will happen either on facebook or my professional blog.  I have found that much of our family is now on facebook and we connect there so I want to keep in touch the best way I can where you will see it most easily.

Please, don't leave this sweet little babe I created almost 6 years ago, but be sure to visit facebook and my professional blog.  More content will be there then here.  I found that I was cheating everything by trying to keep up with two bloggity-blogs.  Just can't keep up with that my friends!

Thanks for undersatanding my dear friends and family,
I am wishing you the absolute best and most fabulous happenings in your life.

so truly,


Please Visit Me said...

See the Power of Positive thinking within you. Please follow my blog and read interesting posts. God Bless You

janet h said...

hope everything's well! good luck on keeping all those social network and yout professional blog alive! :D